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There's Nothing Better Than Guys Powering Up And Smashing Balls Clear Out Of The Park In Cincy

Decent night for sir Tyler Naquin last night as the Reds murdered the Pirates to the score of 14-1. Naquin was personally responsible for half of those runs going 3/4 with 7 RBIs and 2 HRs. His first home run landed clear outside the stadium too, an absolutely MAMMOTH shot. I love home runs in Cincy because the right field stands are sooooo god damn tall and you can see everyone watching it, then you see the people sitting wayyyy up at the top and they're looking down over the fence, that is how you know the ball was 100% pissed on. A nice little 454 foot bomb into the river.

The Reds definitely could surprise some people this year. You've got Nick Castellanos pissing off everyone from St. Louis and hitting mammo bombs and now you have Naquin leading all of the NL with 12 RBIs. The ball flys out of that ballpark in the summer so it could be souvenir city in Cincy if Naquin and Castellanos keep getting into balls like this. 

His second homer wasn't that bad either, about 50 feet shorter than his first, but still a nice little shot. He's on fire right now and a lot of fun to watch.