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"If You Aren't Excited About The Chargers Right Now, DON'T SHOW UP!" - Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler is one of the best success stories in the NFL, and one of the best in the long history of Chargers UDFAs. Beyond that and being one of the better RBs in the game, he is also a big time energy guy. HUUUUGE gym dude, look how shredded this motherfucker is!

Look at those fucking traps! I loved this interview with my compadres over at Going Deep because he was just so open about everything. From the new coaching regime to the closure of the Lynn's tenure, he really didn't censure much. The speech at the top was also just great and encapsulates exactly what we need this season. If you aren't on board, then FUCK YOU! New coaches, new mentality, OROY on deck, All-pro center signed to the line and plenty of possibilities in the draft coming up. CUE IT UP!