Texas Tech Figured Out How To Get Over Chris Beard Leaving - Introduce Your New Coach By Having A Party With A Bunch Of Free Beer

How do you get over your best coach ever leaving for a conference rival? Some would pout. Some would sulk and complain about how Texas has more money. Some would get pissed at Chris Beard. Texas Tech is doing all the above but they are then doing the smart thing. They are providing free beer for the press conference party. Genius. Tech promoted from within and announced last night they are promoting Mark Adams to head coach. He's a Tech guy. Tech fans love him and he's a huge part of the success under Beard. But now you make it an even better hire by just getting some drunk people involved and convinced they can win a title. 

I know Tech fans are all pissed that Beard left for Texas, but it's a no-brainer. Austin is way better than Lubbock. You have more money and resources and you're the biggest state school. Plus, you know, Beard is a Texas guy. It's where he went to school and started as a student assistant. Pretty hard to say no to that. Now Beard did have a pretty nice offer to stay at Texas Tech: 

Wait, no, not that. The free beer: 

Free beer for life is a great sell. That's tough to say no to. But this same company is now giving away beer for the Mark Adams press conference. Genius move. Get your company in with the new coach so if he's successful you can remind him of the party you had for him. Hell, look at all these free offers Lubbock companies offered Beard: 

Good to see them bounce back and offer Adams the same deal: 

Genius. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I need to get to Lubbock. They know how to party down there. Saw that first hand when they were at the Final Four in Minneapolis. Those people LOVE their basketball team and beer. My kind of people.