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After 428 Days We Finally Get To Watch Isaiah Thomas Play In The NBA

Big day today. Not just for me, but for Isaiah Thomas fans everywhere. Let me just be perfectly clear here. If Stan Van Gundy does not play Isaiah tonight despite him being active, I will write a very angry blog. Probably complain on Twitter. Those of us still on the Isaiah Bandwagon have waited a total of 428 days to see him on an NBA court again. I'm pretty sure if you aren't rooting for Isaiah and this comeback you don't have a heart. The entire basketball world was hoping he would finally get a chance and now that it's here and he's as healthy as he's ever been, I cannot wait to watch it. 

I'll say it for the millionth time, when Isaiah is fully healthy, he is one of the most exciting offensive players the league has. Fact, not opinion.

If anyone deserves some luck and for things to finally break his way, it's Isaiah. He never complained. he sacrificed his body and his career to play through an injury he probably shouldn't have played through. It cost him big time money. All he did instead was work. The SLOW grind just kept chugging forward. It's inspirational really. He could have just called it quits and signed over in Europe or some shit. But the fact that he finally got back to the top of the mountain is pretty damn cool. With Josh Hart out with a thumb injury, there's a real opportunity for Isaiah on this team. Especially if one of Nickeil Alexander-Walker or Kire Lewis Jr don't play today (they are both day-to-day).

I'm mostly intrigued to see how Isaiah looks playing next to Zion. Especially this new point forward version of Zion that has legitimately been destroying the entire league since the All Star break. You can absolutely play Isaiah off ball as a catch & shoot guy. In his last healthy season Isaiah shot 41.2% from three in catch & shoot situations. Shit, even last year when he wasn't healthy with the Wizards he shot 45.9% on catch & shoot threes. Look at what just happened the other night with Lonzo. With Ingram/Zion demanding so much attention, Isaiah should get some decent looks.

I'm also interested to see if he's able to unleash the patented Isaiah hesitation. That shit is devastating for defenders when he pulls it out. That's how I'll know Isaiah is truly back. 

If I had to guess, maybe he'll play 10-15 minutes. That's fine with me. I'm just excited to see him back in the league and healthy. Hopefully, it goes well and he finds a permanent home in NO for the rest of the year, because you know if he's right he can come off the bench and take over a playoff game all by himself. I've seen it.