My Strange Addiction: Stinger Tee Shots

This is may be the 3rd time I've blogged about stinger tee shots and chances are it won't be the last. Turns out I'm a sucker for a low ball flight and big time roll out. Turns out I appreciate ball control in turbulent conditions and the delicate balance between conservatism and aggression. Sue me for being a purist. I'm not going to deny the efficacy in which this laser show gets my eyes and dick equally hard. 

It's such a passion that my brain has been completely hacked by social media algorithms so now stinger compilations basically follow me everywhere. I can't scroll or swipe or shit without my daily dose and quite honestly, I'm not complaining guys. This is an example of where I embrace the algorithm. It's when you try to sell me discount watches and sunglasses that I start to get annoyed but that's a different blog. POWER RANKING THE YOUNG GUY CLICKBAIT ADVERTISEMENT TRENDS. I haven't written it yet because I'm still on this one but if you have a suggestion please hit me on twitter.

Until then, can I interest you in some golf content? We had Riggs on the snake draft this week to talk golf shit. A lot of people said it would have been easier to do categories for golf but realistically we all know how that draft shakes out. Take 1 golfer: Tiger, Jack, Phil, John Daly and Arnold Palmer. Take 1 course: Augusta National, St. Andrews, Pine Valley.... you see where this is going. That's fucking chalk soup boys and we don't serve chalk soup during Masters week. We serve chaos and camaraderie, and there's boat loads of it on this week's snake draft. 

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