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Are The Braves Winless Because Jesus Is Punishing Big T For Being Sacrilegious On Easter Sunday?

Maybe! Who am I to judge the wrath of God? I'm just a mere mortal. But I at least know not to get in his path, especially testing his might by going to the ballpark instead of obeying the Sabbath, but on EASTER SUNDAY, no less! For shame, Big T! For shame! It wouldn't surprise me if he cursed the Atlanta Braves for the entire season!  

Or maybe it was karma because Big T is actually a Commie T who won't even remove his hat during the National Anthem? Him and Red Ed may need a manifesto. 

Fake news Phanatic? Exactly something Khrushchev would say. But, hey, good times had by all on Easter Sunday in Philly during a pandemic...in which provided the same attendance as most Atlanta playoff games since the 90's. 

And the best team won! 

Sorry, Sacrilegious T! Better luck next time! Or never per usual!