Yeah, Based On These Party Videos It Was Completely Pointless For Baylor To Not Cancel Classes Today

Quick question - why the fuck did Baylor have class today? You think professors are showing up let alone students? Look at these parties, there aren't sober people in Waco, Texas right now. Our viceroy account tried to start a petition to cancel class, probably the only time I agree with one of these online petitions. But what is Baylor doing here? Big time loser move to not cancel class: 

You think kids are showing up to class after that? They are still drunk or passed around. I said it before, but there's nothing like celebrating your team winning a title. I didn't get to do it in college, but I did get to do it after and the first thing I did was take off work. Just zero chance I'd be walking into work smelling like stale booze and wings. You think a professor is walking the streets of Waco right now? I don't think so. 

Also when did people just start burning shit? I know Morgantown had that as their thing, but when did everyone start doing it? I got to celebrate some big wins (thanks football) from 2005-09 in Lexington, I don't ever remember burning shit. It was just a ton of shitty vodka and Natty Light. I need an oral history of when the move to light a couch on fire happened across the country. I guess people saw all the hype Morgantown got and couldn't stand WVU getting all the attention. 

Either way, we need to start encouraging schools to just cancel classes if your team is in the title game. Feel like that's fair for all parties involved.