The Party Is Officially On In Waco - We Got Beer Showers And People Hanging Off The Goal Posts

Go nuts Baylor fans. I'm waiting for the party to really pick up in Waco. They party in Waco right? Never been there. Just assume it's Chip Gaines running shit there. Speaking of which, what a duo to watch a game with: 

Need video of those two hitting up the bars in Indy and going crazy. Anywho, Baylor fans, what a fucking run man. 18 years ago you had Scott Drew talking about how he came to Baylor to win a championship. 

I said it before but just an ass kicking. This was the best team in the country. Yeah, they had two losses, but they just proved how damn good they are. Preseason number 2 to a national title. They won 14 of their first 17 (before COVID pause) by double digits. That's pretty impressive in its own right. But nothing was better than tonight. 

There's nothing better than celebrating your team winning a title. Nothing. Just the ultimate night of no rules and all time good vibes. I miss it. I'd like to do it again some time soon. I need to see some true partying out of Baylor now. Scott Drew just finished the best rebuilding job in sports history. You just won your first title in school history. Do gotta admit that going painted chest for a watch party is a weird move though. 

Shut down classes tomorrow and have a night.