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This Man With A Broken Arm Holding A Full Sized Trash Can In Center Field Banging It For Jose Altuve's At-Bat Is An American Hero

THIS IS WHAT WE MISSED LAST YEAR!!! Look at this Angels fan going NUTS holding a full size trash can in center field while Jose Altuve is up at bat. I mean this is amazing, this guy deserves a trophy or a medal of some sorts. With the broken arm he is up there banging away on the trash can. No security guard in sight, just letting him go to town on this trash can and heckling the hell out of Altuve. We knew the jokes were coming but I don't think anyone thought that a guy would bring out the full sized stadium trash can and bang on it like a drum. I need to know if he did this for Bregman too. 

This kid is a hero, a true American hero. Love how Mike Trout is taking a look behind to see whats going on. He knows something is happening, and I'm sure he'll know what it is when he turns around and sees the trash can. The whole section is going nuts too. I miss this circus like atmosphere at baseball games. This is what the Astros were going to get last year, but a full stadium worth. Man that would have been fun to see, but this is a hell of a trolling effort and I am here for it. And how did this guy even get the trash can down there? Most stadium security I've ever run into knows the second you turn down a row where you aren't sitting. They just let this kid drag it down the steps? Anarchy! Good on the security people for letting this go on. Bang that trash can baby, bang it all night long.