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BREAKING: Patrice Bergeron's Ankles

This is the guy who everybody is always clamoring about winning the Selke every year? Buddy can't even skate backwards. How is Patrice Bergeron supposed to be the best 200' forward in the game if he can't even skate backwards? Riddle me that. 

Meanwhile, the real best two-way forward in the league is going top bunk glove side like he's Gunnar Stahl to force overtime. 

Listen. The Flyers may have been playing like absolute dog shit over the past month or so. But an overtime game winner from Travis Sanheim while Patrice Bergeron falls on his ass and Brad Marchand is too busy being a rat down the other end of the ice to get back in time? Doesn't matter how shitty the Flyers have been, that'll always be a sweet way to pick up 2 points. 

Let's do it again tomorrow.