Randy Arozarena Has Already Given Us The Catch Of The Year With A Full Extension Superman Grab

Remember the show Randy Arozarena put on last year in the playoffs? Well he's back to show us that it wasn't a fluke. This time he did it with the leather though. Hunter Renfroe laced this ball into the gap but Arozarena chases it down, times the jump perfectly and goes full extension through the air to make the catch. Literally leaping through the air with the greatest of ease and brings it in. You're already looking at the catch of the year, no need to try and make a better catch because it won't happen. Just an impossible grab and he goes out there and snags it. You know it was good because the announcer in the back goes "ohhhh" totally off script. I loved the leap too, if he misses that it's a terrible look and embarrassing for him, instead we get an outrageous catch. Looks like something Jackie Bradley Jr. used to do out there. Hell of a catch by Randy. 

I was going to say I was surprised that he was able to run that far and chase it down but then I remembered this man raced a horse and beat it. He's fast. He makes fast people look not so fast.