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Giancarlo’s First Hit of the Year? How About a 471 Foot Nuke Grand Slam?

If we’re gonna choose how Giancarlo picks up his first bomb of the year I have no issue it being a grand salami to bust open a game against the undefeated first place O’s. First hit of the year launched to the fucking moon. 471 feet get off me ball. Exit velo? 250 mph. Pure sex. Stop booing this dude. When he’s healthy and on the field he’s incredible. Wake up people.

Hits with runners scoring position are nice, but a grand slam? Buddy I’ll take some more of those. Those do the job. Please keep throwing G more fastballs positioned directly down the middle. I mean this is the worst pitch of all time.

Low key this doesn’t happen unless Aaron Hicks draws a walk with the bases juiced the at bat prior. The same at bat that he DEFINITELY swung on a 2-2 check swing that was called a ball. Way to go Hicks! Great call blue.