Mondays, Am I Right???


What an absolutely absurd way to lay on the sofa. Ridiculous. In no way can that be the most comfortable way to take a nap. Why wouldn't you just roll over and lay on the actual couch? Also, are the words sofa and couch interchangeable? Or do we have a square/rectangle situation going on? I've never really known if couches and sofas are the same thing and I refuse to look it up, I like having a little mystery in my life. 

Anyway, hope everyone had a good Monday. Can you believe it's already the 4th month of the year? CRAZY. I mean I know it's not that crazy because it's simply how the calendar works, but I feel as a kid time would absolutely drag, but now in my 30's it goes from winter to spring to summer in the snap of a finger. It all goes by so fast. But I digress. I know what you're here for- pictures of me! No just kidding. Rascals, every last one of ya.