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I'm Nominating Myself For The #HandsTeam... You Be The Judge

Folks, I am nominating myself for the #HandsTeam. My hands are literally tied. I have to do it. Look at this finish in the #PinkWhitneyCup!!

You'll have to tune into tonight's all new episode of the Pink Whitney Cup at 7pm to see my final stat line. Team Nardini vs. Team PFT/Billy Football coming at you.

Also… the biggest rivalry in the Pink Whitney Cup was not any team vs. any team… it was Marina's respiratory system vs. Marina….. Jesus Christ, I am incredibly out of shape overweight. But hey, who needs long shifts when you've got hands like these? Channeling my inner Nick Ritchie.

Make sure you tune into the next episode of the Pink Whitney Cup tonight at 7pm!! In case you missed the draft last night here it is!!


ps. I give myself a 6/10 for the celly. Could've executed better. 

Go B's. Go Team Nardini. Shout out Pink Whitney.