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Ball Don't Lie: Nelson Cruz Thought He Hit a Grand Slam That Was Called Foul, Asked For a Replay Review, Then Blasted an Actual Grand Slam On The Very Next Pitch

Nelson Cruz is a true freak of nature who may truly never stop playing the great game of baseball. The records say he's 40 years old, but what he continues to do with a bat in his hand seems to question the validity of that number. Almost seems impossible for him to be 40 and doing this shit still. After sitting out the weekend series because Major League Baseball refuses to open their eyes and institute the universal DH, Cruz got cooking against the Tigers today. He blasted a ball down the right field line that missed being a grand slam by just a few feet. Cruz argued that the ball hit the foul pole which triggered a lengthy replay review to see if he was right. He wasn't and play resumed with his at bat still going. The very next pitch Cruz blasted grand slam to left field, far away from the foul pole for his first dinger of the season. Ball don't lie. 

Imagine how relieved the pitcher was just moments prior to delivering that pitch, as he avoided giving up four runs on one swing. Might not be a better feeling for a guy on the bump. Basically like getting a second life out there. All of that just to get face fucked on the very next pitch. An absolute piss missile that flew just a few feet off the ground, putting the Twins up 6 early. Urena's ERA after 1 game now sits at 15.00. Sucks to suck. 

Later in the game, Cruz sent this baseball to another galaxy. Jesus Christ dude just chill out. 

116.6 mph exit velo. Hardest hit Twins homer in Statcast history. Casual.