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The Knicks Are Not Worried About The Nets Big 3 Because The Knicks Have A "Big 15" According To Julius Randle

Tough break for the Nets here. After paying out hundreds of millions of dollars and gutting their young promising team to build a Big 3, the NBA changes the questions once they get all the answers by not only making Big 15s the new in thing but setting up the first ever Big 15 in recorded history in the very next borough. I'm sure the few Nets fans in the area will cling to antiquated statistics like "Wins" to explain why their team is so good. But every basketball movie ever made has told me that the best TEAM will beat the best group of three or so players. It just simple math. 15 is and always will be greater than 3. 

Fighting math is like fighting against the tides in the ocean or Dave Portnoy on the internet. You will lose 100% of the time. Sure Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden are sweet if you are playing NBA Jam or want to drag a has been actor's corpse on the internet streets. But unless you truly understand basketball, you won't understand just how much of a difference a cheerleader like Theo Pinson can have on a game. I'll take the unstoppable corner three of Kevin Knox and the complete unknown of Norvel Pelle off the bench over known quantities like LaMarcus Aldridge that couldn't even make a FINALS with the Spurs, who pretty much lived there for a decade, or Blake Griffin and his rediscovered dunks that still only count for two points. The Big 3 is nice, but a #Superteam it is not. You know what? Fuck it, we're bringing back the graphic!

I can't believe the Knicks took back New York just like that, even though they never technically lost it. In honor of that, I am taking the Big 15 (+5.5) over The Big 3 tonight responsibly on the Barstool Sportsbook app. Big Ev knows what's up.

P.S. How about the balls on Reggie Bullock throwing around that Big 5 line and ignoring the other 10 guys on that squad like he's even close to the Knicks Big 5? That's a benchable offense for a Big 15 team like the Knicks. JK, Thibs doesn't change up his rotation for anyone, anything, or Elfrid Payton sucking the life out of every Knicks fan alive when he plays.