Welcome Back To Fans Dancing In The Back Of Live Broadcasts With Their Nips Out, Oh How We Have Missed You


I'm a simple man with simple needs. Give me cheeseburgers, give me light beer, and give me fans dancing in the back of live shots at sporting events, and I'll be happy. Unfortunately over the last year, we have been painstakingly deprived of the latter. We've gone over a year without nips flying in the breeze while an analyst yaps into the mic. But I am here to happily announce, our long national nightmare is over. The nips...are back.



Funny is funny. It's like watching someone get hit in the nuts with a football, it was funny when you were 4, and it'll be funny when you're 104. Simple pleasures go a long way. 

So welcome back to live sports and everything that comes with them. The sounds, the heartbreak, and most importantly, the nips.