A High School Teacher In Illinois Was Placed On Leave After Accidentally SnapChatting The Entire School Her Sex Tape

Source - An Illinois high school teacher has been placed on leave for allegedly sharing a homemade sex video on Snapchat that several students viewed.

Moline High School Principal Trista Sanders contacted police in November after she was tipped off that the teacher posted a video of herself having sex, according to the Quad-City Times.

Multiple students saw the video, which could be viewed by anyone who was friends with the teacher on the site, the news outlet reported.

A police report obtained by the Quad-City Times does not identify the teacher or the children involved in the case, which the State Attorney’s Office has closed with no charges filed.

But the teacher has been placed on leave as the district follows all administrative policies laid out by state law, school board President Sangeetha Rayapati said.

Oh. My. God. Quit. That's all you can do in this situation is quit. It doesn't matter how much time goes by or how many generations of students you have, unless you leave, you'll always be known as the teacher who got banged on camera. It's as simple as that. Imagine how scared she must've been when she found out? Her stomach probably SANK. I guess I just don't understand how something like this happens. "Story" isn't near anything else- it's at the top of the screen. Regardless, what a thrill that must've been for those students. They open Snap, click on Mrs. ____'s story, only to see a pair boobs flopping around? Apparently the students were debating whether or not to tell the teacher about it too...

Screenshots of a group chat included with the police report show students discussing the video and debating whether to inform the teacher about the matter.

The teacher told investigators that a friend called frantically urging her to delete the post.

She claimed not to have known what the friend was referring to, but checked her Snapchat account and took down the post without watching it, adding that she believed she might have been hacked.

Poor lady. The Assistant State Attorney is investigating what happened, but we already know. She had a few cocktails, felt frisky, and pressed the wrong button. Close the case and move on. Her life is already ruined. At this point the only thing she can hope for is that not too many people screen shotted it. Which I'm sure is not the case. Oh well. The good news is, it's almost summer so school will be out soon. Hopefully the kids will forget about all about this by the time fall rolls around.