Just A Reminder That Scott Drew Turning Baylor Into A Relevant Program Competing For A Title Is Nothing Short Of A Goddamn Miracle

Just wanted to throw this out there with this video starting to make its round on Twitter. The fact that Scott Drew turned Baylor into a respectable program, let alone into a title game is nothing short of a goddamn miracle. Scott Drew has the best rebuild job in sports history. We won't see anything like it. Why? 

- That piece of shit Dave Bliss covered up a MURDER of one his players at the hands of a teammate

- Scholarships reduced for multiple seasons

- NO non-conference games were allowed to be played for an entire season

- Probation extended through 2010

The program was dead. How do you recruit with that? How do you stay afloat when you can't play nonconference games, you can't play in the postseason, etc. I know people like to throw out Bill Snyder's name for the best rebuild, he didn't have to deal with half the shit Drew did. Kansas State just sucked as a program. Baylor had that along with everything else. Since he took over though? 

370-215 overall. The winningest coach in Baylor history. A couple trips to the Elite Eight and now a trip to the title game. He has Baylor consistently ranked, something it never was before him. He's completely revamped how he coaches. He used to go after All-American type recruits. This team? A ton of transfers and a couple lower recruits mixed in. Gone is that amoeba zone he used to run and now is a straight man to man with switching and versatility to move guys all around. 

Never thought we'd say 'Baylor attempting to win a national title' but here we are. Like I said, this is just short of a goddamn miracle. Shout out Scott Drew.