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Shohei Ohtani Is A Cheat Code And Just Hit A Homer That Sounded Like A Rocket Was Taking Off

I said a lot in spring training that Shohei Ohtani is the most talented player in baseball and it's really not close. It only took him like 34 minutes to show why. First lets talk about this 451 foot MOONSHOT that Ohtani hit. MASSIVE bomb. This is a home run derby shot. Not only did he pulverize it, but that sound. Listen to that god damn sound. It's music to my ears. And I know the ES*N mic's amply it a bit but that is a different sound. Casual 115 MPH off the bat too. 

That is the sound a spaceship makes when it is launching. That crack is sexual as well. It made it move. The Angels became the first AL team since 1976 to forego their DH to let their pitcher hit, and he delivered by knocking a satellite out of space. He's incredible, absolutely incredible. 

Oh and he also STARTED ON THE MOUND for the Angels. So not only was he hitting 115 MPH, 450 foot BOMBS, he was chucking 101 MPH too. 


So not only does he have the fastest pitch from a starter this season, he has the hardest hit ball as well. He's an alien. Just watch this pitch and it confirms it. 

Sign me up for the Ohtani show, I'm here for it. I've got Ohtanimania. 

Here is a live look at me watching Ohtani

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