Brooks Koepka Is Playing In This Year’s Masters 3 Weeks After Knee Surgery And He’s Already Flexing On The Haters

Nobody keeps tabs on what others are saying about him quite like Brooks. NOBODY.

For those not in the know, Brooks has missed a handful of tournaments over the past few weeks  after DISLOCATING HIS KNEECAP in early March. He had surgery on March 16th to fix it and everyone and their mother presumed we wouldn’t be seeing him for a while. Him missing the Masters seemed to be a foregone conclusion. And of course, there was chatter on Tour that the injury was way worse than many had let on, and former Tour veteran (and putting advisor to many on Tour) Brad Faxon opened his mouth and said it might be 6-8 months before we saw Brooks again.

Brooks noticed. And Brooks is here to play The Masters.

I don’t know that Faxon was out of line in what he said. Maybe misinformed, but it doesn’t matter to a guy like Brooks Koepka. It doesn’t matter if it was intended as a slight or not. He’s gonna channel whatever he can as fuel to prove doubters wrong. That’s his MO. That’s who he is and that’s what he does. And he’s obviously had a tremendous amount of success using that method.

It’s absolutely insane that he’s gonna give it a go three weeks after surgery. And he’s not here to just try to make the weekend and hope for the best. He said today (from

"If I knew I was going to finish second, I wouldn't have shown up.”

Goosebumps. Just goes to show how much this Tournament means to these guys. Who the hell knows what he’s actually capable of on that knee but regardless, in for such a treat this week.

Brooks is here and he wants everybody to know it.