Hold Up, We Have Adam Morrison On The Gonzaga Radio Call For The Jalen Suggs Buzzer Beater And It's AWESOME

Oh fuck yeah, this is what I'm talking about. We know the history with Adam Morrison, Gonzaga and UCLA in the NCAA Tournament. I'm honestly shocked it wasn't referenced more during this game. 

And now you have Morrison back on the call. That YES is pure. You know he was waiting for that moment. The guy is obviously a die hard Gonzaga fan and still has a good relationship with Few and the program. That's as pure of a celebration as you'll hear. That's what I want out of guys. Give me this. Give me Nantz and Raft being fans. You can't replicate that shit. You can't replicate Morrison just being silent during the play before letting out that scream of enjoyment. Only dude that might have been more excited was this ref. 

I love getting the team calls during this. Someone get me Walton ASAP. I need to hear his reaction to his team losing at the buzzer. Shit, put him and Morrison on the call together the next time the two teams play. Actually, let them hang out for the day and then put them on the game together. That's what the world needs.