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We Had Another Insanely Weird Home Run In Colorado Last Night As Raimel Tapia Went Full Nyjer Morgan

What is going on with the Rockies and Dodgers and the home runs to left field? The other night we had the Cody Bellinger mix up, and now we have Zach McKinstry driving one deep into the night. Raimel Tapia had it lined up and was going to make a great catch and keep the game tied at 4 going into the bottom of the 8th, except he didn't. 

He has the ball in his glove, slams into the wall HARD and actually flings the ball back into the field of play. Tapia thinks the ball is gone and lays on the ground in pain because he just got worked by the wall. He doesn't realize the ball is in play and like 20 feet away from him. By the time Tapia realizes whats going McKinstry is almost at third, and Tapia still hasn't thrown the ball in. An inside-the-parker as your first career homer in the bigs is pretty awesome, especially when it comes on a play like this. McKinstry should send Tapia a nice steak dinner or something, basically gift wrapped his first big league homer to him. 

I think one of the fans is actually the one who lets Tapia know the ball is still in play because you can see him yelling down to him. Tapia picks it up and throws it back in but its too late. He went full Nyjer Morgan on Adam Jones, you can't do that. I'm sure he was in pain too because he slammed into the wall at an awkward angle and pretty hard. He was so damn close to making the web gem too but now he's on the other side of the blooper reel. You got to have more awareness though, I bet he will from now on. Weird stuff happening in Colorado so who knows what we see the rest of the season there.