It's Only Halftime But This Game Is Over, An Ass Kicking And Houston Should Be Embarrassed

Why even play the second half? This game is done. Just a complete and utter ass kicking by Baylor. You know what? Houston should be embarrassed. Not even just the player, but the university, the entire city and anyone associated with it. Why? Because outside of Marcus Sasser, Houston scored THREE points. That's it. How the fuck do you do that? You're playing high Division I. You're playing in a Final Four. You're a good team. THREE points when you have someone like Quentin Grimes on the roster? That's what makes this the most embarrassing half of basketball for Houston. Hey at least you had that cool highlight to start the game.

This is what makes Baylor so scary man. Jared Butler finally got going and Houston had Jarreau on him. I still don't know why he didn't guard Mitchell, who is just facilitating everything and killing the Houston defense. Clearly they are shooting lights out, but this is the best shooting team in the country. That's just a fact. 

End the game, let's try again with Gonzaga/UCLA.