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The First Trailer For Space Jam 2 Looks Surprisingly Not Bad?

The original Space Jam is a movie that we all look back on extremely fondly on and for good reason. It combined cartoons we knew with the most famous/coolest athlete on the face of the earth. That's basically solid gold for kids/teens.  I think we can all admit in retrospect that it is by no means an objectively incredible movie, but that doesn't mean we have to love it any less. In fact, a lot of people love it enough to wear a Tune Squad jersey to a house party or, even better, a pickup game. 

This reboot had an uphill battle to climb because we all have very intense nostalgia ties to the original. That, and the fact that LeBron is simply nowhere near as cool as Michael Jordan. Maybe a better person(?) but just not even in the same stratosphere of coolness. Luckily, the kids cartoon movie format is sort of a great equalizer in that regard. 

While I was expecting pure shit from this movie and trailer, I think I'm pleasantly surprised! Despite being a reboot, it doesn't seem to try to do exactly what the original did beat-for-beat (which would have been a death sentence). The plot looks a little corny, but it's a kids movie so that's forgivable. The more important thing is that the animation looked great and there were some funny moments from within the trailer. It gave me a little bit of a Ready Player 1 vibe with WB characters (maybe because of the Iron Giant), but that can be a good thing. Another good thing? LeBron is a much better actor than MJ. That's just a fact. 

P.S.It's classically thought that Eric Gordon played MJ's son in the original, so what rumor is going to come from this? I'll start one now: The actor that play's LeBron's son is ACTUALLY a de-aged Kurt Thomas