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Isaiah Thomas Being Back In The NBA Is The Best News I've Heard In Weeks


This is the Friday pick me up I needed. I may be one of the last people on the planet still on the Isaiah Thomas bandwagon but I don't care. I will always, and I mean always, root for Isaiah. It made no sense to me how basically the entire season went by and this man was still not on a roster. For example, I had to watch like 40 games of Jeff Teague. I don't care what version of Isaiah you're getting, that man is better than Jeff Teague.

From everything you read/hear, Isaiah is fully healthy. Do I need to remind you what that player looks like? Fine, I will. Mostly because it was some of the best individual offense these eyes have ever seen

Yes, I know this was 5 years ago. I also do not care. I will always believe that a healthy Isaiah is capable of bringing this on any given night. I also love this move joining the Pelicans. They don't give a shit about defense. Zion commands so much attention I am thinking that space will only help Isaiah. I just want to see what he looks like. Last we saw he was doing his thing with Team USA

Given what he went through with his injury and how it basically took away his prime, I don't know how you couldn't root for the guy. The NBA is better when Isaiah is in it, is healthy, and is doing crazy shit on the offensive end. I'm hoping it works out and he sticks around, but at the very least I'm just happy I get to watch him play in the league again. It's been far too long.