Tom Brady's April Fool's Gag Got Him Blocked by a Badly Shook Nick Wright. OH, THE HUMANITY!

There are several ways to react when Tom Brady posts a harmless, mildly amusing April Fool's Dad joke. You can laugh. Chuckle. Smile. Guffaw. Groan. Improve the bit with one of your own:

Or you can, with bittersweet nostalagia, pine for a time not long ago when you would've appreciated a post like this. But it's too soon and the hurt still runs deep. Or, simply scrolling past it and look for Tweets that are more to your liking is always an option. 

But if you're hair-triggered, Tom Brady-hating emeritus, bottomless cup o' outrage Nick Wright, you can obsess over it. Fact check it. And take drastic measures to see to it the monstrous GOAT will never offend you in this manner again. 

That'll show him! You do NOT pull these kinds of shenanigans on Nick Wright's internet and get away with it! He will throw his scarf over his shoulders, spin on his indignant heels and take his leave of you. 

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So Wright's outrage has to do with the fact the joke is "corny"? If he wasn't so blind with resentment and obsessed with proving his false claim that Brady is the best ever to play the game, he'd have noticed that edgy comedy isn't exactly his thing. He's a suburban dad from San Mateo with a preternaturally positive outlook on life. No one's ever mistaken him for Dave Chappelle. The best thing about 2021 so far was him tossing the Lombardi Trophy across 40 feet of water and drunkenly crab-walking up the dock precisely because it's closest he's come to dangerous comedy.

I suppose I could fact check the fact checker by pointing out that Brady's joke about being the first player/owner/coach in MLB history isn't false because Lebron owns a piece of the Red Sox since, in case I'm behind on the news, Bron has never played for the Red Sox. Nor has he coached them. But I won't. Because as E.B. White said, "Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better, but the frog dies." And explaining to Nick Wright how his explanation of Brady's joke is like pulling the dissected frog out of the trash and doing an autopsy on it.

But at least Wright handled this properly. When someone is harassing you on Twitter with their off color and offensive content, the best thing you can do is block them and spare your delicate sensibilities so you never get subjected to their crass humor ever again. I'm sure Brady and his 1.8 million followers will just have to get along without him.