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Kansas Continues To Not Give A Fuck About The NCAA Investigation - Signs Bill Self To A LIFETIME Contract

You think Kansas gives a fuck about the NCAA investigation? You think they care that a Bill Self program is getting accused of Level I violations? Here's a lifetime contract to say a big fuck you to that. Listen, it's not a surprise that Self is getting the benefit of the doubt. He wins. That's what matters. Kansas can navigate the investigation. They aren't getting the death penalty and we've seen the NCAA fuck around and screw up so many times. So why not lock your guy up for a lifetime deal? That'll lower the nerves whenever Pop retires and we hear the 'Self to the Spurs' rumors that come up every 2 years or so.

If there's one school I expected to do this it was Kansas. Remember their Midnight Madness last season? 

They just don't give a fuck. They are forcing the NCAA's hand to do something. They aren't sitting here trying to seem like they are guilty by getting rid of Self or anything like that. Shit, we saw Oklahoma State get hit with a year probation (which was appealed) for working with the NCAA and they don't even have the same staff there! Kansas is going the opposite route. I will applaud almost anyone that goes double birds to the NCAA and that's what Kansas is doing. 

I know there's a bit of 'have we hit our peak with Self.' But you gotta remember, he won a title. He's made three Final Fours - most recently in 2018. Kansas is a top-3 seed basically every single year the NCAA Tournament happens. You're set up for success with Self. Sure, you deal with some of the flameouts in the NCAA Tournament or getting your ass kicked by USC. You know you're always in the talk at least. That's half the battle. It's also not like there's a guarantee you find someone who gets more success than Self. So a lifetime contract it is. 

You're up next Iona. Give it to Pitino.