What Do You Do After You Win The Lottery? Make A Million Bucks More On OnlyFans Of Course

This is Jane Park. Jane Park is already a millionaire. In fact she won a million playing the lottery over in Europe. Seems like a good thing to win, I'd like to win that sometimes. But people always ask, what do you do after you win a million? Do you go on a trip? Do you bank it? Do you buy a new house? All good options. I'd immediately go to the closest Barstool Sportsbook and play the Final Four this weekend. But that's not what Jane Park does. Jane Park goes and makes another million on OnlyFans .. of course. (h/t Sun)

EUROMILLIONS winner Jane Park has revealed that she has raked in her most cash ever selling saucy pictures on OnlyFans.

The 25-year-old, from Edinburgh, revealed March was her "biggest earning month" since launching her page in 2019. 

A screenshot of her OnlyFans account showed she has banked £25,103.79 ($32,463.20) from raunchy snaps of her boobs.

At the time, Jane said: "Bear in mind I've only had this under a year. Think I started it May/June." It comes after a source close to the Hibs-daft Lotto winner predicted the blonde beauty is on track to make her second million from OnlyFans.

That's how you do it! They always say the first million is the hardest to make. Now she's ready to lock in another million! Genius plan. Absolutely genius. And listen, she's even donating to charity. Make some money for yourself, help others. That's how you win on OnlyFans I'm told. 

"People can pay an extra £50 for topless images and she donates the cash to charity. The profile gives her £45,000 a month for holidays, nights out and clothes.”

Boobs and charity, that's what Jane Park does! That is actually the best selling point she has. Hey I already won a bunch of money, help me make more and help people. People helping people. Congrats to Jane Park on the soon to be second million.