WILD Video Of A Deer Flying Through A School Bus Windshield And Directly Into A Sleeping Kid

I know that the most common phrase uttered after hitting a deer is that it came out of nowhere, but that deer came out of NOWHERE. Bus drivers have it hard enough dealing with the absolute fuckery that kids from K through 12 will pull in their few minutes of freedom where there are no parents or teachers around. I have a hard enough time handling the nonsense my own kids put me through and they are literally half me. If I had to deal with the tomfoolery of 30+ randos on a daily basis, I would no doubt go Old Man O'Doyle within the first month.

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However not only did this anonymous hero keep his cool as nature crashed the party and ensured a visit from Safelite to the bus garage, but he was also able to have the wherewithal to open the door and let his frantic four-legged ass out of the school bus before he did even more damage. True MVP stuff for a guy that already had his head on a swivel and had to expect the unexpected on April Fool's Day with a bus full of potential jokesters.

Also I hate to laugh at the sorry son of a bitch in the front seat that was just trying to catch some Z's before a full day of reading, writing, and arithmetic behind plexiglass a safe 6 feet socially distanced apart with a mask on and instead got some freaked out creature going absolutely HAM in his lap. But I feel like sitting in every seat on the bus comes with a certain amount of danger. If you sit in the back, you are likely with the hooligans. If you sit in the middle, you are directly in the splash zone from whatever shit comes from the back. But sitting in the front means you are essentially safe from any predators in the back due to the proximity of the bus driver. This deer however perfectly balanced the ecosphere of the entire bus, as all things should be.