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DraftKings And UFC Are Bringing You Their $100,000 Main Event Contest And It's Free

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Honestly, it doesn’t even matter how you feel about UFC at this point.  It’s impossible not to get excited for a Ronda Rousey fight.  She’s one of the biggest names in sports right now and it’s because she’s clearly the best at what she does and it’s fun to watch her dominate the competition.  That’s just a fact.  And now with the help of DraftKings you have even more of a reason to watch the Rousey fight.  $10,000 goes to first place and the best part of all the contest is free.  You’d be dumb not to do it.



Contest Details:
-UFC 190 $100K Main Event
-$100,000 in guaranteed prizes, $10,000 to 1st place
-Top 7,850 fantasy scores win cash
-Rowdy goes to Rio De Janeiro to defend her title on enemy soil. Pick 5 fighters from UFC 189 for a chance to win $10,000!