Zdeno Chara Dropping The Mitts With Matt Martin Was Majestic


So the Caps tonight, in camaraderie with the Nats, decided not to play. Very noble of them, if you ask me. The Nats were instrumental in the Caps' Stanley Cup celebrations, and the Caps in the Nats' World Series celebrations, so it's only right the Caps took the night off after the Nats opening day was canceled. 

So while the Isles 8-spotted the Caps (and it was UGLY!!!!), the game ended on a light note when Zdeno Chara and Matt Martin squared up for the cherry on top on a wild night.



Good for Chara. He is 44 years old and still will drop the gloves if he feels the team needs the spark. Guess he wasn't happy giving up 8 goals (on Kill the Islanders Day, no less!) and wanted to let the Caps entire roster know he's not here to get 8 burgered. 

I'm not worried about the Caps. Goaltending could be an issue, but I still think Samsonov is the real deal. I still would like a certain Conor McMichael be brought up for Hershey to inject some speed and youth into the lineup, but besides that, I love this team. Night in and night out they've been crushing, so hey, one stinker to the Isles won't be the end of the world. Can't make it a habit though. And holy moly was Barzal good tonight. What a talent.