The Philadelphia Phillies Are On Pace For An Undefeated Season

1-0. A walk off win vs. the defending NL East Champion Braves who are projected to win the Division for yet another decade. Was it a perfect win? That it was not. King Nola was doing King Nola things like this and dealing a nice little shutout into the 7th:

And then a literal obese panda who should've been retired for half a decade, pinch hits for Atlanta...

Of course. Of course that happens on an 0-2 pitch when Aaron Nola has 6 srikeouts after he holds the Braves to under 1.5 runs through the first 5 innings while the Phillies lead. Why so specific with those fact? Oh, no reason, other than ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. Incredibly fucking unbelievable.

Alas, they got the W. And that's all that matter. 1-0 is the first step to 162-0. Ring that damn bell and CUE IT UP HARRY!!!

PS - I thought Big T was a die-hard Braves fan? Hmm. Didn't see him say much today. Oh well. Guess the bandwagon didn't travel through yet. 

PPS - First Time, Long Time - Rone and myself talk Philly shop. Hit it.