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It Is With A Heavy Heart I Announce That Michael Strahan Getting Rid Of The Gap In His Teeth Was Indeed A Wayyyyyy Too Early April Fool's Joke

March 30th:

April 1st:

Why Michael? Why?!? Don't get me wrong, I love seeing that The Gap is still around and knowing that I sniffed out this ruse the moment it was done.. But I just can't get over the timing of everything. 

Pulling an April Fool's joke on March 30th before pulling the Gotcha two days later may be even worse than getting rid of your signature look. We live in a society for Christ's sake! If you can start firing off April Fool's jokes 48 hours early, where does it stop? 48 days? 48 weeks? People thought that Buster Olney was throwing around April Fool's jokes about the Mets-Nats game tonight being canceled because of COVID. We can't 2nd guess everything we see so we don't get X'd Punk the following April 1st. I mean what's next Michael? Are you going to tell me that Brett Favre took a dive on this sack that set the single season record?

I can't boycott anything Strahan does because I feel like he is one of those guys who lowkey has a stake in everything that has to do with sports and pop culture. So I will vow to never step foot into Smile Design, which likely only hires Cowboys and Eagles fans, out of respect for all the people with gaps in their teeth that said they were inspired by Strahan getting his gap fixed. April Fool's!!!

P.S. #NeverForget Cardale Jones' May Fools that he was transferring to Akron on May 1st 6 years ago. True internet lawlessness.