Cody Bellinger Hit A 2 Run Home Run That Counts As An RBI Single And An Out Because He Passed Justin Turner On The Base Path

I know the headline is confusing but its all 100% true. Cody Bellinger thought he had his first homer of the season this afternoon after sneaking this one over the fence, actually it should have been an out but the center fielder ended up dropping the ball over the fence. Justin Turner was on first and thought the catch was made, but instead of listening to his coaches or waiting for the ump to make a call he started to haul ass back to first to try and not get doubled up. 

Except he didn't need to because the ball was over the fence for a 2-run homer. Belli knew it was gone so he kept his home run trot going but he did the first thing you're taught not to do in JV baseball. Don't cross paths with the runner on the base path. Turner was booking it back to first and didn't even see Cody pass him, Belli is going the home run signal, the umps were calling it a home run, but since technically Belli passed the runner in front of him, he's out. So what should have been Bellinger's first home run of the year turned into an RBI single. You read that right, Bellinger hit a 2-run home run that will go in the books as an RBI single and he was out on the play. And it's not even his fault! Although he could have cooled it on the trot a little bit and made sure he didn't lap Turner, but I have a feeling Turner will be paying for a nice dinner soon. We're 5 hours into Opening Day and we've already seen some insanely wild plays, I love baseball.