Miguel Cabrera Hit A Home Run In A Snow Globe And Slid Into Second Because He Didn't See It Go Over The Fence

First home run of the 2021 MLB season goes to future Cooperstown resident, Miguel Cabrera! Look at my man Miggy swinging it, and in a snow globe no less! Getting some nice flurries up in Detroit but that doesn't matter to Miggy. I love snow personally, I need more of it. 

The best part is he didn't even see the ball go over the fence! He was BOOKING it out of the box and even slid into second because he didn't see the ball go over the fence. He's such a wild dude that I wouldn't put it by him to slide into the base just for fun, but this was awesome to see. And doing it off Shane Bieber too, no easy task. Decent chance he thought he was just swinging at a snowflake and happened to hit an oppo taco. We're back baby, baseball is so back. 12 homers shy from 500 for Miggy too, need to see that happen. 

Looks like MLB teams are already stepping up their social game, unreal clip here.