Dana B Is Shaking In His Size 8 Shoes After Seeing This Guy


Oh no. No, no, no! Dana B does not deserve this! I love Dana B. I have not a bad word to say about the guy. He's a marketing genius who averaged a double-double in high school, what's not to love? Sure he has small size 8 feet, but that's more part of his charm. So I stand with Dana B on this one. Nobody is going to come onto the internet, steal DB's schtick, and get away with it. Dana made this company millions of dollars by doing the beer tweet, ripping cigs, and selling tshirts. 

It's actually hysterical- companies like Bud Lite will spend millions of dollars figuring out the algorithm to make the perfect advertisement, and our camera man just cranks out videos like this on the reg:



But now that there is a new kid on the block, Dana is RATTLED.





As they say in the old west, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. So for my money, the king is still the king, even if he has tiny little feet.