Orioles - Red Sox Is Already Rained Out For Today And This Is The WORST

Well this sucks. 9 AM, I'm getting ready to pound hotdogs and beer all day and what comes across the ticker? Orioles - Red Sox postponed due to rain. If this isn't the biggest kick in the dick I've ever seen. We were all buzzing, we've waited months for this, MONTHS. And now we have to wait one more day? We all thought this could happen with the forecast this week, but everyone I talked to in and around Boston (Jared) said the rain would clear up and we'd be good to go for Opening Day. Pain. People thought this was an April fools joke and honestly that would have been the cruelest thing you could have done.

I was hoodwinked, bamboozled, and flat out lied to. I want Orioles baseball. I need Orioles baseball. They have the third highest winning percentage on Opening Day, they were going to absolutely kill the Sox. John Means was going to toss a gem, Trey Mancini was going to go 3/4, Ryan Mountcastle was going to hit a homer, it was all going to be so much fun. And now we have to wait. Thanks Boston, this is all your fault. Maybe Lebron could build a dome over Fenway, gotta flex that owner money someway right? We'll try this again tomorrow.