Anthony Edwards Blurting Out The Wolves Plan Was To Just Let RJ Barrett Shoot Needs To Be Played On Loop In The Knicks Locker Room

Listen, am I happy about this? Nope, not one bit. Don't care for blowing a game to the Wolves. The Wolves fucking stink. I don't care that Anthony Edwards is the funniest person in sports, I think I have to hate him now. RJ Barrett is one of us, even if he is tainted by having that Coach K stink on him. He's a Knick and we take our of our guys. In fact RJ Barrett is good. There I said. You know it. RJ Barrett is good. 

He does struggle with his outside shot. Not a secret. That was his biggest weakness coming into Duke and coming out of Duke. It's inconsistent and a bit of a weird shot form. He's starting to figure it out a little bit, at least shooting 34% from three this year on 170 attempts. We're improving. He's already improved from what he did as a rookie. But teams are still clearly planning to force him to shoot. That's where RJ needs to make them pay. 

How pissed do you think the Wolves were at Ant here? This was 100% said in the team huddle and he just blurted it out in the postgame interview. I love that he has a personality. We need more guys like Edwards. Shit, I'll even take the honesty here. I know it hurts my team, but I want the honesty. Let me know that was your gameplan. More importantly let RJ Barrett know this was the plan so he can take it personally. Go full MJ here. 

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At least he took it with laughter? 

Get pissed off RJ! Play this every day. Get that 3pt average up to 38ish percent. You're part of the future with Randle and Quickley and Kenny Payne and Leon Rose. The potential is all there and I love how he's a playmaking wing. I love that he's improving. Now get pissed and use that.