'The Challenge: Double Agents' Ep. 16 Recap & Power Rankings - Big Brother Stinks, CT Is A Living Legend

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. Going forward Clem, Eddie and myself will bring you The Challenge Aftershow on Clubhouse. Download the app and follow barstoolsports and barstoolreags there. 

Big Brother ruined the show

Listen, I'm all for alliances. Shit, we called ourself THE Alliance on No Quitters. The fact is there's too much Big Brother. What always made alliances great was it typically was the 3-4 people from a season of Real World or Road Rules.Most of the show was positioning to get other people into your alliance. This season? Big Brother entered with roughly 60% of the show on the same alliance. It's drawing the season out. We need anything, everything to change this up for next year. We have a new Road Rules season coming on Paramount Plus. Pull in more people from the UK shows or anywhere else. It's made the daily challenge completely irrelevant because you know who is getting thrown in to the elimination every time. Just make it to where the last place team is automatically in too. 

Give me more American Gladiators

The daily challenge was basically Atlasphere from American Gladiators: 

Give me more American Gladiators, I fucking love(d) that show. Shit, throw in the Eliminator somehow into the Final. If there's one person I trust to do it correctly is TJ and TJ's Final. We've seen them try to do different things with the finals whether it's eating, longer running, overnight shit. Mix in American Gladiators and GUTS and we're cooking with something. 

Big T warmed our hearts and earned a spot every season

Congrats to Clem on winning by jumping on the Big T train last season. She showed up. Sure, she sucked at some events but she won an elimination and had a decent showing in Hall Brawl this episode. The whole CT/Big T duo was a focal point for most of the season too. All I know is she got herself a spot on whatever season she wants now. 

A waste of Hall Brawl

Just to be clear we had 2 Hall Brawl's this year that involved Amber B. going against two smaller opponents. What a fucking waste. Hall Brawl is THE elimination. It's the one we all wait and look for. We could have had Kyle vs CT. We could have saved this for a guy's elimination. Nope. What a fucking waste. I blame Big Brother. Not sure how, but I blame Big Brother. How do you give us Hall Brawl without CT at least once? 

CT is a genius

Oh boo hoo that CT turned on Kyle and voted him in. It was a genius move. Why? Well, CT picked who he wanted to go against in an elimination in case it was a guy's elimination. Not only that but he at least put it up to a chance he wouldn't get thrown in. The man isn't on the Mt. Rushmore for no reason. He's a legend. All he does is show up and win. 

Nany fucked Kyle - in the game

After Amber B picks Fessy to start trying to break up some of the alliance a bit we had Nany picking between Kyle and CT. Why does this matter? Whoever she didn't pick would be a rogue agent and in theory be in the Final. She went with Kyle, a guy she's been paired up before. 

CT knew it, Kyle knew it, everyone else knew it. 

Everyone from that Big Brother/Leroy alliance wanted CT gone. Nany just completely blanked out or didn't care and went with Kyle. It seems like CT is now in the Final. All that matters to me. CT needs to win this season. 

Power Rankings


5. Kyle

4. Fessy

3. Cory

2. Leroy

1. CT


4. Nany

3. Amber B

2. Kam

1. Kaycee

Team Rankings

CT is a rogue agent

4. Kyle/Nany

3. Fessy/Amber B.

2. Cory/Kam

1. Leroy/Kaycee