The Chicago White Sox And Their Fans Are About To Launch An All Out Assault On Baseball

I gotta give it up to White Sox Twitter and White Sox fans everywhere. We gutted out a shit 10 year stretch, had a taste of the playoffs last year in that bullshit corona season, and we are fucking FIRED UP for this year. We know the talent on this team. We know the attitude on this team. We know that every single prediction that has the White Sox somewhere around 85 wins is bullshit and that this team can win it all.

First off, shout out to Summer of George for winning the Section 108 "108ing" Tourney. The videos and bits all the fans had, George especially, prove that even though we're a smaller fanbase, we're a tight knit family (with a few exceptions) and that our fanbase ROCKS. Then of course shout out to Beefloaf, Chorizy-E, and My Sox Summer for throwing the tournament. You guys crush it as always. I'm going to be doing a weekly clubhouse with the 108 guys talking NOTHING but White Sox baseball this summer because I don't get to do that on RLR as much anymore with how much is going on within the other teams in the city. Come October, this fanbase will be the most hated fanbase in baseball. That's what years of either being ignored or called a second rate franchise will do to you.

Get used to it. We're on a warpath. 

I also gotta shout out Sox on 35th, On Tap Sports Net, Future Sox, James Fox, Patrick Nolan and a handful of others before I continue - we have a GREAT group of fans covering the team. Not sure if other teams have similar sites, but ours are the best of the best without even looking. This fanbase is extremely smart and you guys have all made me a smarter baseball fan by reading your shit. Thanks for all you do.

But enough with the sappy shit. We can kiss each other's asses in Lot B as soon as they let us tailgate there again. This team is going to be awesome. It's got a HOF manager at the helm, a young and insatiably hungry core, and a veteran presence that expects victory every single night. I'm not going to bother with a full on season preview because that's boring and not Barstool-y enough. But brace yourselves, I am going to shove this organization down the throats of every single person that reads Barstool Sports or follows me on social media. 

You've been warned.

Until then, happy Opening Day everybody. I feel like a million dollar bill. I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited, except instead of fidgeting in bed for 10 hours like I'm an 8 year old waiting for Santa, I just smoked a shit ton of 3chi and eventually succumbed to that beautiful chemical intoxicant. 

I also asked for all of the hype videos White Sox fans made last night. Each and every one of them are fantastic and original. They all pumped me up equally. We're about 11 hours away from first pitch as I write this sentence. I cannot fucking wait.