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Rumors Are Swirling That Josh Richards Girlfriend (Nessa) Cheated On Him With His Best Friend Jaden....Josh Reacts Live On BFFs Pod TONIGHT

The TikTok world was set on fire today after Mads Lewis, actress/YouTuber/TikToker, posted a (kind of) cryptic TikTok involving her former boyfriend Jaden and former best friend Nessa.

The guy at the beginning of the video is Jaden, a member of the Sway House and now a singer. He and Mads Lewis have been a massive TikTok relationship for the past year-plus:

Jaden recently was featured on a song with Nessa Barrett:

Let's get back to the TikTok from Mads Lewis. Jaden is in the beginning with Mads in a good relationship but it was ruined, because of who? Nessa! The girl he was on the song with that was just released. She has also been on the BFFs pod:

That is because Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett have been in an on-and-off relationship for almost 2 years now. They are one of the most "powerful" couples on TikTok.

This TikTok from Mads Lewis was of course something that our guy Josh Richards didn't want to see, but to make matters worse? Jaden is one of his best friends. Absolute pain. Two birds with one stone.

If there is one thing about Josh Richards though, he knows the content what did he do? Hopped on the BFFs Pod to recap the situation: