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Famous Tik Tokker Allegedly Cheats On Other Famous Tik Tokker Who Just So Happens To Host A Massive Tik Tok Podcast With Me

Earlier today, we were in a company meeting with 250 people when my phone kept blowing up about what was happening on Tik Tok.   I had to tell Steve Cheah to shut up because there were more important things going on.

Apparently Mads who is Jaden's ex girlfriend is claiming he is with Nessa and that she sabotaged their relationship.  This comes after Jaden and Nessa released a song together.  Nessa is Josh's (ex?) girlfriend that basically lives with him, Jaden, Mads, and Gruen all in the same house.   This is a 2021 version of primetime reality television, but it's in the Hollywood Hills in a 15 million dollar mansion spearheaded by all time confusing human Michael Gruen. 

Mads then doubles down and says she knows it to be true and that Nessa knows exactly why she posted the video and that's all that matters.   Meanwhile Josh is stuck in the middle of a situation between his best friend and (ex?) girlfriend Nessa not knowing what to believe.   This league.   Tik Tok drama is the hottest thing in the streets right now and BFFs is right at the center of it.

This week’s episode of BFFs with Noah Beck is the second of the four episodes we recorded out in LA.   We get his reaction on Alex Cooper saying his relationship with Dixie is fake, and how he went from becoming a professional soccer athlete to a massive Tik Tok star in under a year.