Jeff Bezos Announces That He Has Hired A Group Of Trolls To Defend Him On The Internet In Order To Weaponize Social Media

Amazon recruited an army of Twitter trolls and code-named it 'Veritas' to target critics like Bernie Sanders and defend Jeff Bezos

  • The 'army' is made of ambassadors who go online to defend the company 
  • It began in 2018 but has become particularly relevant in the midst of of 6,000 Amazon workers in Alabama who were voting on whether to form a union 
  • The ambassadors defend warehouse conditions and troll Amazon's critics 
  • Training documents reveal they are told to speak out in a 'blunt' way if necessary

Fucking Bezos, man. Just proves that it doesn't matter how rich you are...if people are mean to you online that shit hurts. Bezos is no different than the rest of us. When you guys say my snake draft picks stink or my body looks like a bag of milk or I can't skate on ponds in NH or Ontario, that hurts my feelings. And when you say that Amazon treats their employees like slaves or that bathroom breaks are important or that he's a Bond villain that is single handedly killing American small business...that apparently bothers him. He's seeing the memes. He's reading your tweets and DMs. He bleeds if you cut him, apparently. The difference is that he is fighting back with an Army of twitter trolls that apparently even Putin would be jealous of. 

Bezos is making weaponizing social media an acceptable practice. Absolutely disgusting. Once again, Barstool is held to a different standard. We have millions of passionate fans and one professional plumber/Meme War Lord and we are the worst people on the internet. Bezos does it and suddenly nobody cares. In fact, if I am being honest with you the entire reason I wrote this blog was just as an experiment. I want to see if I can poke the Bear that is Bezo's social media military group called Veritas. If they respond incessantly to this post then you, the stoolies, should get in the fray. I will take the stoolies in an internet war against anyone in the world. An incorruptible, relentless, and undisputed heavy weight champions of the internet world. And they work for free. A volunteer Army is always more dangerous. Love you guys.