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Eighteen Return Tonight For The #CollegeGamingChampionship - Who Is Making The Final Nine?

And so we advance in Verdansk. 64 start, 18 remain. We battled it out with some sweaty Dukes at JMU on Monday because, well, if they can carry White Sox Dave's brainless, hopeless, dickless corpse to victory in Verdansk, then the #CollegeGamingChampionship should be a straight breeze. 

James Madison is now locked and loaded for glory after playing with us, but what about the rest of the field? Why an Electric Eighteen instead of a Sweaty 16? Well, tomfoolery was attempted, and justice was won:   

Say it ain't so, NYU! Thank you for taking a break from thinking you're better than everyone else to go out of your way to cheat in a tournament worth nothing Eternal Glory. The Violets (seriously) featuring "LickMeDaddy" (even more seriously) were destined for a dynasty of glory, but alas, they got GOT. 

And, yes, reverse boosting is officially cheating. We cleared it up after the last debacle and instituted multiple Broom Rules to ensure what happened in our first tournament never occurs again:

Akin to Icarus, LickMeDaddy just flew too close to the sun. Tis a damn shame. But the ELECTRIC EIGHTEEN is set and we've got many characters still vying for that crown. Including U of Tampa who took care of business EARLY last game by wiping out fellow competitors at CU: 

Same went for MSU who dominated one of the better squads at ND during a firefight: 

Sleeveless = Jesus on the battlefield. Allegedly.  

But can you even get scared if you someway, somehow go to a D-III school in Texas? That's debatable, as we see with my wildcards at Trinity (TX). 

It'll be exciting to see, for sure. Tongiht we ride.