Mick Cronin Taking UCLA From A First Four Game To The Final Four Is Legit One Of The Most Shocking Things I've Ever Seen

There it is. There's the shocker. The 3 favorites did their part in the first 3 Elite Eight games and then Michigan going up against a team from the First Four just shit the bed. Let's say what it was. Franz Wagner played the worst game of his life. Michigan missed a million layups. They went 6-for-11 from the line. Juwan Howard made some baffling decisions and we'll get into that. 

But Mick Cronin, a guy who always got mocked for not being able to win in March and choking shit away in March just took UCLA to a Final Four. That sentence alone is outlandish in its own right but look how they did it. They were dead to rights against Michigan State. Completely dead to rights. They were down 11 at half to Michigan State. It looked like Michigan State was about to coast. Then UCLA beat them in OT. Then it was a relatively easy win over BYU, caught a break catching Abilene Christian in the Round of 32. Then OT against Alabama and then this. 

And it was the Johnny Juzang show. Well Johnny and these guys: 

But mostly Juzang. Dude basically outscored Michigan in the first half alone when he had 18. He was hitting big shot after big shot. UCLA just let him cook. Here's the first baffling thing for Howard and really where Wagner was a problem. He's the perfect matchup on Juzang. I know he picked up 2 fouls in the first half and fine, you hide him defensively with that. But then in the second half Wagner was nowhere to be seen on him. Brooks was guarding him, etc. Wagner HAS to take Juzang away. 

This was a Mick Cronin wet dream though. A game barely cracking 50. He switched everything defensively and Michigan just couldn't do shit. Again, Wagner being awful and missing a ton of layups was the key here. Michigan didn't really have anyone break down the defense except Brooks on a few possessions. Then late game. Woof man. Wagner may have had the worst three for the lead I've seen: 

I get that Wagner is a good player but this is out of a timeout. This is where you have to tell Wagner try to drive and get the ball to the rim or to Dickinson. Remember, Cody Riley was fouled out at the time. You had all the advantages in your favor. You can't throw that up. Know situation and how you're playing here. 

But it doesn't matter. Michigan choked. Mick Cronin is going to the Final Four. What an unbelievable line. Now that we have Gonzaga/UCLA in the Tournament again, hit the damn music.