Sharon Stone Says Her Cosmetic Surgeon Gave Her Bigger Breast Implants Without Permission

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You may remember that six months ago, 1990s Oscar nominee/Crotch Shot icon Sharon Stone bragged that, even at the tender age of 62, the public demanded to see her sexagenarian bewbs in the 2013 film "Lovelace":

And, for that matter, nude cover shoots in 2019:

Well it would appear Stone's eternal beauty and well preserved body parts never stop making the news. She's got yet another update on those bathing suit areas that caused wear and tear to the good parts of untold millions of Clinton Era Blockbuster VHS tapes.

Fox News - Sharon Stone revealed that a plastic surgeon she went to ended up giving her larger breast implants than she originally consented to.

The 63-year-old "Basic Instinct" actress wrote about the experience in her new tell-all memoir "The Beauty of Living Twice."

Stone recalled how she underwent surgery in 2001 to remove "gigantic" benign tumors in her breasts but when she woke up, Stone said her implants were the wrong size. 

In an interview with The Times she explained, "When I was unbandaged, I discovered that I had a full cup-size bigger breasts, ones that he said 'go better with your hip size.'" 

"He had changed my body without my knowledge or consent," she said.

When she questioned the surgeon, Stone said he "thought that I would look better with bigger, 'better' boobs."

The article then goes on to explain that she had a stroke and a near death experience, and good for her that she's doing swell now. But  first hand knowledge of the miracle of the afterlife is hardly a worthy blog topic. The first thing they teach you in Pageviews School is "When a legendary sex symbol talks about her plastic surgeon giving her an unsolicited bra cup upgrade, lead with that." So I'm just taking coaching here. 

And with that, I can't tell if Stone is mad or not. I mean, as sentences go, "He had changed by body without my knowledge or consent" is about as emotionally charged as any I can think of. But I've checked other stories on the topic and can't find any more details than that. Did she sue him for malpractice? Report him to the proper medical authorities? Or say "thank you" in a nice handwritten note attached to an Edible Arrangement? It's all so unclear.

I guess the question is, when someone does work for you - or on you - that goes above and beyond what they were contracted to do, is that an ethical violation, or are they doing you a solid? It sounds to me that, while the surgeon might have overstepped his boundaries somewhat, he was coming from a place where he had her best interests at heart. And it's fair to picture him reacting like this:

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Right or wrong, I feel like this doctor was trying to be that quality, conscientious mechanic who'll rotate your tires and top off your fluids with an oil change, just because he cares about you as a customer. I mean, I just had a contractor completely do over my kitchen. And for the same price that we agreed to, his staff went the extra mile. There were features put in I didn't anticipate. The electrician updated outlets I wasn't expecting to replace. The painters patched walls and repainted the entire dining area, ceiling and all. Granted, they checked with me first, so it's not apples-to-apples. But if I woke up from a nap and they said, "We took care of that shoddy baseboard and flawlessly redid your DIY halfassery. I hope you don't mind," I would not have minded. 


By the same token, when I had my ACL replaced a year and a half ago, if the orthopedic surgeon told me afterwards, "While I had you on the table anyway, I gave you a penis more in proportion to an adult man's body," I'd have kissed him right on the mouth and left him a 20% tip. 

If Sharon Stone disagrees, if she didn't want her breasts augmented, she's well within her rights. I just need closure on this anecdote. One thing we can say for sure is it didn't hurt her career any. When you're 62 years old and your fans are clamoring to see your surgically enhanced bosoms because they make people happy, then I suppose what the surgeon did can be considered a public good. In fact, he might want to release a statement himself. Because giving out bigger breasts, no questions asked, like you're super sizing a meal can't be bad for his business either.