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Jordan Bohannon Is The First Athlete To Say He'll Come Back To Play In College If The NIL Bill Passes

Jordan Bohannon just became the first person I saw to use the name, image and likeness bill that's about to be debated. It's a huge story. Bohannon is the a prime example of a type of person who would benefit from NIL. He's beloved in Iowa. He has a social media presence and let's be honest. He's not an NBA player. Those are the type of guys that would make money on NIL. Those guys who we think of 'college players.' There would be local businesses that would 100% use Bohannon's image and Bohannon would profit on that. If it's $500 or $50,000 who cares? It's still a way for a player to make money on their own name, image and likeness. Think about Syracuse and Buddy Boheim from last week: 

It's a no-brainer for me. I simply don't understand any sort of opposition to NIL. We're not saying schools need to give money to the athletes. We're saying the scholarship is the salary from the school and they have a right to make money on name, image and likeness. That's all. Also let's not pretend like this will drastically change anything in recruiting. We really think the top recruits won't go to the same top programs? It's just a way for guys who are arguably at the height of their marketing power to make money on their own name, image and likeness. Again, a no-brainer. 

Also remember this year was a free year. Eligibility simply didn't count. Everyone gets a free year so we could see Bohannon take advantage of that along with name, image and likeness. It's a GOOD thing for college basketball to keep guys around if you're a college basketball fan. This incentivizes guys to stick around instead of chasing an NBA dream or a pro career. I know, I know. Hot take that I like to watch the best players play in college basketball, the sport I love the most. I fully agree that every player should have the right to go right from high school to the NBA, but that's an NBA rule. This is specific to college basketball. 

Pass the bill, let players make money on their own NIL.