Oooowee Season 5 Trailer For Rick And Morty Is Here + NEW EPISODES ON JUNE 20th LFG

(Deadline) - To commemorate the show’s return, Adult Swim has designated the 20th of June as “Rick and Morty Day,” a Multiverse Holiday to be celebrated globally. On the 20th, fans will be treated to “a megadose of access and content of all things Rick and Morty“—including sneak peaks, behind-the-scenes footage and a few special surprises—which will be shared across TV, digital and social media, as the Season 5 premiere rolls out around the world.

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WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB LET'S FUCKING GOOO!!! Now whether you're an out of touch boomer, fat 32 year old loser like me, cool kid in college, or just someone looking for a new show to enjoy... I simply cannot recommend this interdimensional experience enough. 

If you haven't given it a try yet don't hold back because of the Szechuan sauce controversy or that it's a kids cartoon based in science fiction, there really is more than meets the eye here between the absurdly dark family drama jokes + coming of age type stuff too. 

And speaking of which, looks like we're getting a Transformers/Voltron episode this season? 

And of course the standard intergalactic/multidimensional battles of madness…

Rick and Morty doing some Blade shit…

What could be our Noob-Noob substitute for season 5…

And who fucking knows what else! That really is the beauty of Rick and Morty being based in a cartoon world with INFINITE alternate realities… Literally anything is possible. And to say they push the limit with those creations would be a massive understatement. This story about how "Mr. Meeseeks" (all-time guest character from S1) was created is an A+ example of that

Pretty wild that a throwaway idea like that can become such a beloved fan favorite + cultural icon? I don't think it's that crazy to say Mr. Meeseeks + Mr. Poopybutthole are 2 of the most influential cartoon characters of the past decade. CAN. FUCKING. DO. 


Truly creations without limits, with just the right amount of context, and a level of dementia that's pretty damn hard to match in any genre. Hell even their offseason promos are next level shit…

Rick and Morty's writing team takes big swing risks with their world building like few shows I've seen and through 5 seasons the majority of them have hit too. And that's not even counting how good they are at writing science fiction featuring alternate realities that somehow make sense. 

It's absolutely insane this dumb cartoon has made it this far especially considering what the pilot looked like… Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon are 2 of the sickest fucks in comedy/life that is for damn sure. Anyway June 20th, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!

PS: If you want a better sense of how far these creators will go, here's Justin Roiland's submission for Seth Rogen's stand-up comedy special to raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease NSFL)


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