Justin Fields Just Stumbled To A 4.44 40-Yard Dash, But Please Continue To Make Mock Drafts That Have Him Going Behind Mac Jones

LOL, these NFL Draft "experts" continue to make me laugh. I'm going to need to see it with my own two eyes before believing that ANYONE is taking Mac Jones ahead of Justin Fields. In fact, Trevor Lawrence is the only person that should be legally allowed to be drafted in front of Justin Fields. 4.43 and he stumbled out of the gates? What was he going to run if he did it cleanly, a 4.2?

This is Lamar Jackson status and he's clearly a better thrower than him. I mean, I simply don't understand why people continue to pick Justin Fields game apart but are acting like Mac Jones is the next coming of Tom Brady. Or Zach Wilson for that matter. If Zach Wilson got locked in to go #2 to the Jets because he looked good in shorts and a t-shirt on his Pro Day, then I want to see the Mock Drafts after what Justin Fields just did.

The 49ers have to be gushing over the fact that Zach Wilson is projected #2 to the Jets, right? Like, go to Mac Jones Pro-Day all you want but I'd say there's closer to a 0% chance than a 50% chance that they pass up this type of athlete at #3. Seems eerily familiar to a Mitch Trubisky over Mahomes/Watson situation. Whoever makes that decision is really going to regret it when they're sitting on their couch watching Justin Fields run AND throw all over the league. Seriously, when push comes to shove, show me a GM who's going to take THIS GUY over Justin Fields:


No chance.

And to the people that are replying "I stopped reading after seeing it was an Ohio State quarterback", you're all morons. Say Cardale Jones, Troy Smith, and Dwayne Haskins all you want. I'll reply with Brodie Croyle, AJ Mcarron, Jake Coker, Greg McElroy, and Blake Sims. The fact of the matter is that they're all different players. And Ryan Day....noted QB expert.....says Justin Fields checks all the boxes and is going to be a franchise quarterback. I find myself believing him more than these armchair experts that are regurgitating old names of players that went to the same college.